Special Trains, Round trip 2€ and a lot more


MUSA CASCAIS FESTIVAL will have special trains dedicated to the event.
This year you can leave the car at home and, at the end of the concert, pick up the special train CP has for you. At 04:30 at Carcavelos Station, in the direction of Lisbon and Cascais, with stops at all stations, at the dawn of 1 and 2 July 2017.

If you are going to attend the event, take advantage and get your return trip for €2 on the urban trains of Lisbon, on the Cascais, Sintra, Azambuja and Sado lines. For this, you have to show your ticket at a ticket office of the urban service. If you do not have any Viva Viagem card available to use, you must purchase one for €0.50.
The return trip is valid from 29 June until 8 am on 3 July. Before accessing the trains, you must always validate the title acquired in the stations' own equipment for this purpose (validators or access control doors).

Do you worry? Help the planet to breathe, go by train!




Intercidades and Regional / InterRegional offer you the ideal environment for leisure travel. Your travels become faster, more comfortable, safer and now even more economical.

Travel with a 30% discount on round trips on all Intercidades and Regional / Interregional trains, bound for Lisbon from 29 June to 2 July 2017, upon presentation of your festival ticket at a CP ticketing box.

Non-cumulative discount with other discounts or promotions in progress.

Promotional tickets are revalidatable within the validity period of the discount and refundable.

Tickets can be purchased at netTICKET, Call Center (707 210 220 - 0.10 € / min - fixed network | 0.25 € / min - mobile network + VAT) and Ticket Office.

Note: Prices are rounded up to 50 cents higher.

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Organized Groups
We offer several tourist offers for group trips.
If you intend to travel in the company of 10 or more people, the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional and Urban Train services have a special rate for you and offer a dedicated team to organizing group trips.

CP Info here

Family / small group tickets - Alfa Pendular or Intercidades (50% discount)

Tickets have to be purchased at ticket offices with long-distance services sale and travel agencies with CP contract.

You can buy in 60 days advance.

To whom it is intended:

Families and Small Groups of 3 to 9 ticket-paying members, on round trips made on Saturdays (all day) and on Sundays (up to 12.00). The journey must take place simultaneously, in the same train, class and for the same origin and destination, both on the outward and in the return journey.

Non-cumulative discount with other discounts or promotions in progress.

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How does TrainSharing work?

TrainSharing is a promotion that allows 3 or 4 customers to purchase their trip together for Alfa Pendular or Intercidade Services, with a 40% or 50% discount, respectively.

It allows you to share travel time, conversations and especially costs.


In the purchase of 4 tickets 50% discount is granted;

In the purchase of 3 tickets is granted 40% discount.

Business conditions:

Discount granted for trips made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, however, this discount does not apply on Tuesdays if Monday is an official holiday and on Thursdays if Friday is an official holiday.

Obligatory round-trip purchase and within the validity period of the discount (from Tuesday to Thursday).

Tickets must be purchased at the same time, same day, train, class and origin / destination.

Non-cumulative discount with other discounts or promotions in progress.

Tickets issued under this promotion are neither revalidatable nor refundable.


Ticket office with Long Course sale service

Call Center – (707 210 220 – 0,10 €/min – from local network | 0,25 €/min – from mobile network + VAT)

More info here

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