Samory I

5 JUL 2019 - MUSA CASCAIS Stage

Invigorating, Intoxicating, Heartfelt and Soulful are only a few words to describe the voice and music of the vibrant Jamaican Roots- Reggae Artist, Samory-Tour Frazer, better known as SAMORY I.

Born on November 21, Samory I is from the tribe of Gad. Samory I has been present on the local reggae scene since 2015 winning the recognition of “Break-through Artist of the Year”.

His synergy with RORYSTONELOVE BLACKDUB created the debut classic Roots Reggae album “BLACK GOLD” in 2017 which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts. The hit single from the album “RASTA NUH GANGSTA” has attracted 3.5 million views on youtube to date since its release in January 2017.

His music has been very well received resulting in a strong fanbase in Europe and the UK allowing him to tour these regions with his band "THE BLACKHEART" successfully on three occasions. His music is powerful enough to transcend and unify generations of people from different ages, backgrounds and races as seen at several sold out crowds.

The interest garnered by him in Europe facilitated him recording two singles for renowned German producers Silly Walks (I am Gad) and the Swiss based Naja Vibes (Call on Jah). His latest single, FEELING, will be released in December 2018 with home-based producer RORYSTONELOVE BLACKDUB.