MUSA CASCAIS 2019 Regulation


  1. Age Rating: 6 YEARS OLD +
  2. The opening hours of MUSA CASCAIS FESTIVAL are from 16h00 to 4h00.
  3. Children aged 10 or under do not pay DAILY TICKET or MUSA PASS 2 DAYS.
  4. The Promoter of the Event will provide to all legal representatives or adults responsible for the minors an identification bracelet, where they can put their names and telephone contacts.
  5. Children under 12 (twelve) years old may only enter MUSA CASCAIS accompanied by the holder of parental responsibility: (parent) or by an adult identified and responsible for them. Whenever there are doubts about the age of the minors, the identity card proving the age invoked must be presented to the agents in charge of supervision or the entry will be denied.
  6. If minors are under 6 years of age, the parents or guardians are fully responsible for their entry in the event.
  7. The access to MUSA CASCAIS is only allowed upon submission of a valid ticket per person.
  8. The ticket is valid only for the place and day indicated, and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  9. The holder of this ticket may not be accompanied by food (other than snacks), plastic bottles with a capacity of more than 0,33cl (plastic bottles with a capacity of 0,33cl or less may enter but without a lid), cans, helmets, sharp objects, glass, firearms or other objects that could be considered dangerous, accepting to submit to inspections, body magazines and removal of unauthorized objects. MUSA CASCAIS will be refused entry to any person who demonstrates violent, aggressive or contrary to public order behavior or who refuses to expropriate unauthorized and unauthorized objects.
  10. The objects removed, under the terms of the previous number, will not be returned to their owners.
  11. It is also prohibited to enter and remain in MUSA CASCAIS who, without being authorized to carry, hold, use, bring with them or distribute illicit substances, fire arms, throwing guns, weapon designed to project toxic, asphyxiating or corrosive substances, white weapon, explosive or pyrotechnical substances or devices or any other weapon prohibited by law.
  12. Anyone who fails to comply with the stipulations of the previous paragraph shall be punished by virtue of legal provision.
  13. It shall be prohibited to provide, for commercial purposes, for sale or for distribution purposes, to make available, in public places and in places open to the public:
    a) all spirits and non-spirits alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18;
    b) all alcoholic beverages, spirits and non-spirits, who are notoriously drunk or appear to have a psychic anomaly. Decree-Law 137/2015.
  14. Animals are not allowed to enter MUSA CASCAIS, with the exception of service dogs, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 74/2007 of 27 March.
  15. It is forbidden to smoke in all enclosed spaces of MUSA CASCAIS, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 37/2007 of August 14.
  16. Audio and video recordings and broadcasts of all or part of the festival by any means, as well as the use of professional cameras, are strictly prohibited.
  17. The holder of this ticket expressly declares and accepts that his image can be captured and recorded during the realization of MUSA CASCAIS, for which he grants, free of charge and definitively, to the Promoter of the Event, all image rights.
  18. There is a cloakroom at MUSA CASCAIS, but is subject to a fee and limited occupancy.
  19. The ticket holder acts at his own risk, expressly acknowledging that the Promoter cannot be held liable for any risks or damages, nor for any other incident, whether this occurs before, during or after his stay at MUSA CASCAIS,with the exception of incidents resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the same.
  20. The resale of the ticket, as well as its use for promotional or institutional purposes, is prohibited without the express written consent of the Promoter of the Event.
  21. The ticket only allows access to the authorized areas of MUSA CASCAIS. The use of it in unauthorized areas or in any irregular way will entail its immediate seizure and expulsion from MUSA CASCAIS.
  22. The ticket holder will lose his rights when leaving the venue.
  23. The Promoter of the Event may refuse access to food and beverages to ticket holders who present themselves, notoriously or apparently, intoxicated or who cause disruption to the normal functioning of this area.
  24. Any person who demonstrates violent, aggressive or public order behaviour or who refuses to expropriate unauthorized and non-authorized objects shall also be refused entry to MUSA CASCAIS.
  25. Ticket holders whose actions are contrary to these Regulations may be refused entry or stay in MUSA CASCAIS, and their tickets will be cancelled without reimbursement. The Promoter of the Event, in the use of its decision-making powers, reserves the right to exercise other legal means.
  26. The nullity, ineffectiveness or non-application by a competent court of any provisions of this Regulation does not invalidate the application of the other rules.
  27. The Promoter of the Event reserves the right at all times to update and introduce changes and additions to the rules established in the Regulations, without prior notification. The ticket holder must periodically keep himself informed, consult them and review them on the official website of the Event (, which will always include the updated version of the same and cannot claim ignorance of any changes and additions made.
  28. Any omissions cases, will be resolved by application of the law in force.
  29. The ticket holder expressly declares that he has understood and accepted in full and unreservedly this Regulation and that he is fully aware of the rights and obligations described in it.