6 JUL 2019 - MUSA CASCAIS Stage

Together for 14 years, MANEVA is formed by friends Tales de Polli (voice and guitar), Felipe Sousa (guitar), Fernando Gato (bass), Diego Andrade (percussion) and Fabinho Araújo (drums).

Total tuning on stage, but also with the audience. "Our concert needs to be felt. We are not just musicians and songs. It's a tribute to the beautiful things in life, what we believe in a mix of engaging rhythms. An experience of peace, love, fun and energy. "

Crowded houses and festivals form a great choir with every song presented. ‘Tô de Pé’, ‘O Destino Não Quis’, ‘Daquele Jeito’, Pisando Descalço’, ‘Luz Que Me Traz Paz’, ‘Saudades do Tempo’ and ‘Seja Para Mim’ are some of the songs that can’t be out of their show.

With impressive numbers, MANEVA is one of the most heard bands on Spotify, surpassing one million listeners per month. The albums total more than 100 million plays. On YouTube are more than 600 million organic views between tracks and clips.

The discography of MANEVA brings eight records, thousands of copies sold, gold record and a multitude of hits that Brazil has learned to love!

July 6 arrives for the first time in Europe and MUSA one of the most anticipated bands of the Brazilian reggae scene! Welcome Maneva!