For a healthy planet and good music


Independently organized by CRIATIVA for everyone and all on a voluntary and non-profit basis, the MUSA CASCAIS FESTIVAL is already a reference in terms of music and sustainability.

CRIATIVA is a non-profit association based on volunteerism based in Carcavelos.

Over the years it has consolidated a community of young people who believe it is possible to do something different, better, and that aspires to a sustainable lifestyle.

It is the intention of the Festival to promote a more aware society for the global challenges, combining music and creativity in an experience of global citizenship.

In this spirit, CRIATIVA decided in 2006 that the concept of MUSA should be inspired by a cause of global reach.

In 2007, when we completed the 9th edition, MUSA CASCAIS consolidated its identity and concept, associated with sustainability, global warming and climate change.

Our tag is DO YOU WORRY?