Cascais is European Capital of Youth in 2018


Cascais is European Capital of Youth in 2018

The Portuguese bid, seen as a favorite, was already on the short list of potential organizers of the event in the company of cities such as Manchester (United Kingdom), Perugia (Italy), Kecskemet (Hungary) and Novi Sad (Serbia).

However, it was Cascais case to convince the jury presided over by the European Youth Forum. "Cascais was competing with very strong cities. We have never been the candidate with more financial resources, and we are not closer to the center of Europe where everything is decided. But nobody has beaten us in the professionalism and competence with which we have embraced this project, nor in the enthusiasm and the desire to constitute, from Portugal, a movement of hope and future for European youth", says Carlos Carreiras.

"Today young people carry labels that are sometimes very low. We have answered that. We looked at history and saw that at all times young people are the spring of civic, social and economic progress. It is this centrality of youth in collective life that we want to recover", continues the Mayor of Cascais, who places “youth unemployment, mobility, education and qualification, the right to family and happiness" as central themes in the European Capital of Youth 2018 .

The title of the organization was passed in the Spanish capital, Catarina Marques Vieira, a councillor with the Youth department, who promised for 2018 "the best European capital of the youth of all times". In addition to the European Youth Forum, the jury is also composed of representatives of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, International IDEA, Euractiv, Microsoft, the Council of EU Municipalities and Regions, the Assembly of Regions, Committee of the Regions and University of Cagliari. After Braga 2012, this is the second time that the European Youth Capital is organized by a Portuguese municipality. Apart from Braga, Rotterdam, Turin, Antwerp, Maribor, Thessaloniki and Cluj also organized the initiative.

Facts & Figures youth in Cascais

  • First Chamber of the Country to have a Office of Professional Internships
  • 38: Young associations
  • 2500: Young people in the associative movement
  • 1600: Volunteers (annually)
  • Lowest rate of youth unemployment in the country.
  • Lower dropout rate

10 reasons for this choice:

  • Cascais is a national reference in the youth area
  • 40% of the population of Cascais is young, motivated, enterprising and creative
  • The youthful associative fabric of Cascais is very dynamic and interventive
  • The civic participation of our young people is of strategic importance
  • There are various and quality natural resources and heritage infrastructures
  • Cascais known (for centuries) for welcoming visitors
  • Capable of providing innovative and rich experiences
  • European centrality and connection to the Portuguese-speaking world are unique
  • Presentation of a diversified program of quality and European dimension
  • The application was supported by a large local, national and international network
  • Congratulations to all those who supported this mission and the youth in particular!