MUSA CAMPING is within the area of ​​the event and is only 20 meters from Carcavelos Beach!

- Schedules -

Thrusday - 4 July 2019: 11h00
Sunday - 7 Julho 2019: 13h00

Camping MUSA CASCAIS Regulation

  1. The MUSA CASCAIS CAMPING runs from 11h00 on 4 July to 13h00 on 7 July.
  2. The reception is open 24 hours a day.
  3. The MUSA CASCAIS CAMPING has a quiet period between 04.00 and 09.00.
  4. Only those who have a valid ticket and the respective wristband can enter the MUSA CASCAIS CAMPING.
  5. The entrance of vehicles is not allowed.
  6. Entry of animals is prohibited. With the exception of assistance dogs, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 74/2007 of 27 March.
  7. Entry of weapons, sharp objects, glass, alcoholic beverages, illicit substances or other objects that could be considered agains the law or dangerous is prohibited, accepting to undergo inspections, body searches and removal of unauthorized objects. CAMPING MUSA CASCAIS will refuse the entry to any person who demonstrates violent, aggressive or public order behavior, or who refuses to expropriate unauthorized and non-permitted objects.
  8. The objects removed, under the terms of the previous number, will not be returned to their owners.
  9. It shall be prohibited to provide, for commercial purposes, for sale or for distribution purposes, to make available, in public places and in places open to the public:

          (a) All spirits and non-spirits alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18;

          (b) All alcoholic beverages, spirits and non-spirits, who are notoriously drunk or appear to have a psychic anomaly. Decree-Law 137/2015.

  1. Any person demonstrating violent, aggressive or public order behavior shall also be refused entry to MUSA CASCAIS.
  2. Audio and video recordings and broadcasts of all or part of the festival by any means, as well as the use of professional cameras, are strictly prohibited.
  3. The owner of PASSE CAMPING expressly declares and accepts that his / her image can be captured and recorded during the realization of MUSA CASCAIS, for which he / she hereby grants, free of charge and definitively, to the Promoter of the Event, all image rights.
  4. The owner of PASSE CAMPING acts at his own risk, expressly acknowledging that the Promoter cannot be held liable for any risks or damages, nor for any other incident, whether this occurs before, during or after his stay at MUSA CASCAIS,with the exception of incidents resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the same.
  5. The resale of PASSE CAMPING, as well as its use for promotional or institutional purposes, is prohibited without the express written consent of the Promoter of the Event.
  6. This PASSE CAMPING only allows access to the authorized areas of MUSA CASCAIS. The use of it in unauthorized areas, or irregular use of it, will entail its immediate seizure and expulsion from MUSA CASCAIS.
  7. Campers must be respectful, clean and comply with the organization's orders.
  8. Comply with hygiene standards adopted, especially those referring to the destinations of garbage, toilets, showers, washing hands and dishwasher.
  9. Install your equipment so as not to harm other campers, unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Refrain from disturbing other users, namely making noise within the period of silence.
  11. Do not light fire outside the premises for such intended.
  12. Only camping gaz (or similar) can be used to make food - another type of fire is not allowed.
  13. Follow the signs inside the park.
  14. Do not introduce people into the park without proper authorization.
  15. Users are not allowed to:
    a) Washing dishes or clothes inside the baths;
    b) Destroying or molesting trees or other plants;
    c) Use wire or put ropes, etc., less than 2.5m from the ground;
    d) Transpose the park fence;
    e) Establish fixed structures;
    f) To construct limitations around the camping equipment, with spies, ropes, stones, etc.
    g) Leave the taps open after use;
    h) Leave the place dirty where it was installed when leaving the park.
  16. The organization declines all liability for accidents, damage, theft or stealing to campers and their material.
  17. Containers and buckets for solid waste are intended to serve as waste deposits organized by users of the park facilities.
  18. It is prohibited to deposit solid waste outside the existing containers and buckets for this purpose.
  19. Whenever the user finds that the container is full, he shall notify the reception for its replacement.
  20. The park is equipped with fire extinguishers, at the reception and in the camping area, and any of them can be used to fight fires in camping equipment and area.
  21. CAMPING MUSA CASCAIS operates a field hospital 24 hours a day if there is a health problem.
  22. All objects found must be delivered to reception.
  23. It is considered abandoned material all unidentified objects.
  24. The holders of PASSE CAMPING whose actions are contrary to this Camping Regulation may be refused entry or stay in MUSA CASCAIS, and the respective tickets will be canceled without reimbursement. The Promoter of the Event, in the use of its decision-making powers, reserves the right to activate other legal means.
  25. The nullity, ineffectiveness or non-application by the competent court of any provisions of these Regulations shall not invalidate the application of the other regulations.
  26. The Promoter of the Event reserves the right at all times to update and introduce changes and additions to the rules established in the Camping Regulations, without prior notification, and therefore the owner of PASSE CAMPING shall periodically, to be kept informed, consult them and review them on the official website of the Event (festivalmusa.org), which will always include the updated version of the same and cannot claim ignorance of any changes and additions made.
  27. In cases not covered it will be applied the current legislation.
  28. The owner of PASSE CAMPING expressly declares that he has understood and accepted in full and unreservedly this CAMPING MUSA CASCAIS Regulation and that he is fully aware of the rights and obligations described in it.